Web Developer, Senior

  • Providing web support and development to Student Affairs departments such as UA Online, Advising Resource Center, VETs, and the Student Union.
  • Development and maintenance of Student Elections application, with an average of 4000 students per election using AngularJS and PHP.
  • Migration of older projects into source control, and maintenance of legacy projects to find glaring security vulnerabilities
  • Taking a more visible role in dealing with client needs by directly answering questions and miscellaneous project tasks
  • Server administration of several Linux machines responsible for hosting applications for students
  • Migrated Degree Search from outdated Drupal installation to custom php solution
  • Developed custom Drupal 7 module for advising.arizona.edu for use with UITS SOAP Feed to import XML data to Drupal nodes
  • Helped create multiple versions of email based templates for mass email distribution
  • Created Union Application Administration panel for Student Union Hiring App using php and bootstrap CSS

Tools used: PHP, Javascript, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, Nginx/Apache, Linux, AWS, Vagrant, MySQL/MariaDB, Webpack

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Written by Stephen Quick A web developer based in Houston, TX.


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