Stephen Quick


Software Developer

Harris County DA's Office, Houston, TX04/2018 - Current

  • Developed and maintain external facing website, a lemp stack using Drupal 8, Ubuntu, Nginx, and PHP.
  • Created drag and drop file uploading implementation for Asset Forfeiture cms. Used for uploading files associated to cases in Asset Forfeiture department. Used jquery, css and html5fileuploader.js
  • Maintain and troubleshoot bugs on existing projects.
  • Participate in scrum and weekly deployments for projects.
  • Migrated 60+ dbs from 2008 sql server to new 2012/2017 sql server using backup/restore in ssms, and the database migration assistant
  • Migrated 20+ web applications from aging windows server 2008 to windows server 2016 to improve responsiveness and security, as well as creating individual ad users for running each of the applications.
  • Planned and developed migration plan for Public Integrity coldfusion application to core api project, with core mvc.

Tools used: C#, ASP.NET, SQL, Server administration, AD, RDC, Ubuntu, PHP, Nginx, Mysql

Application Analyst/Developer, Senior

Emory University, Oxford, GA01/2017 - 04/2018

  • Developed ReactJS application for reserving rooms at Oxford College for use with iPad
  • Developed application for Organic farm to manage customers and seasons which is used by 60 customers.
  • Providing technical support for Faculty, Staff and the Students of Oxford College by providing troubleshooting and performance/security analysis for applications and websites
  • Consulting with Oxford IT Management and Oxford Staff to development applications for on-campus use
  • Created application for Organic Farm for managing student sign ups for work used by over 20 students in this semester.
  • Migrated third party payments system Firstdata, used for our financial applications, to Payeezy for continued support in our applications.
  • Developed group fitness application for Oxford College community to enroll in fitness classes and manage their schedules.

Tools used: Coldfusion, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, ReactJS, Vagrant, MySQL/MariaDB, Webpack

Web Developer, Senior

University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ08/2012 - 10/2016

  • Providing web support and development to Student Affairs departments such as UA Online, Advising Resource Center, VETs, and the Student Union.
  • Development and maintenance of Student Elections application, with an average of 4000 students per election using AngularJS and PHP.
  • Migration of older projects into source control, and maintenance of legacy projects to find glaring security vulnerabilities
  • Taking a more visible role in dealing with client needs by directly answering questions and miscellaneous project tasks
  • Server administration of several Linux machines responsible for hosting applications for students
  • Migrated Degree Search from outdated Drupal installation to custom php solution
  • Developed custom Drupal 7 module for for use with UITS SOAP Feed to import XML data to Drupal nodes
  • Helped create multiple versions of email based templates for mass email distribution
  • Created Union Application Administration panel for Student Union Hiring App using php and bootstrap CSS

Tools used: PHP, Javascript, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, Nginx/Apache, Linux, AWS, Vagrant, MySQL/MariaDB, Webpack

Technical Analyst

Clayton State University, Morrow, GA11/2010 - 07/2012

  • Software/Hardware Installation
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Supporting Faculty/Staff/Student computers
  • Providing Campus support and helping around campus such as offices and classrooms
  • Replacing parts on computers such as the Monitor, Memory, or Hard Drives
  • Filling out tickets to keep a detailed history of every client.
  • Ensuring quality customer service
  • Maintaining Inventory of Faculty machines, Imaging computers.