Senior System Analyst

Oregon Health Authority, Salem, OR11/2021 - Current (1 year, 3 months)


Tools used: C#, ASP.NET, .Net CORE, SQL, Server administration, AD, RDC, Azure DevOps, JS/jQuery

Software Developer

Harris County DA's Office, Houston, TX2/2018 - 11/2021 (3 years, 8 months)

  • Created drag and drop file uploading panel which is used for uploading files associated to cases in Asset Forfeiture department.
  • Migrated 60+ dbs from 2008 sql server to new 2012/2017 sql server using backup/restore in ssms, and the database migration assistant.
  • Migrated 20+ web applications from windows server 2008 to windows server 2016 to improve responsiveness and security, as well as creating individual ad users for running each of the applications.
  • Planned and developed migration plan for Public Integrity coldfusion application to core project, and a restful api.
  • Created modal system for VIMS(Victims Information Management System) for DA’s Victims Services using js and partial views, removing the need to reload pages. Secured API calls using CORS, Roles, and managing Auth0 integration for OIDC.
  • Currently develop/maintain the Harris County DA website, a lemp stack using PHP/Drupal 8, Nginx, and Ubuntu.
  • I maintain and upgrade an existing Azure Devops (formerly TFS) installation, as well as created continuous deployment build/release for existing and new projects. Using package management allowed me to create simpler deployment setups for projects that relied on shared projects. Making these projects nuget packages made it easier to build/deploy several projects using Azure Devops.

Tools used: C#, ASP.NET, .Net CORE, SQL, Server administration, AD, RDC, LEMP, Azure DevOps, Auth0, JS/jQuery, Drupal/PHP, Ubuntu, Linux, Twilio, Cerberus FTP, SOAP, Blazor

Application Analyst/Developer, Senior

Emory University, Oxford, GA11/2016 - 3/2018 (1 year, 3 months)

  • Developed ReactJS application for reserving rooms at Oxford College for use with iPad
  • Developed application for Organic farm to manage customers and seasons which is used by 60 customers.
  • Providing technical support for Faculty, Staff and the Students of Oxford College by providing troubleshooting and performance/security analysis for applications and websites
  • Consulting with Oxford IT Management and Oxford Staff to development applications for on-campus use
  • Created application for Organic Farm for managing student sign ups for work used by over 20 students in this semester.
  • Migrated third party payments system Firstdata, used for our financial applications, to Payeezy for continued support in our applications.
  • Developed group fitness application for Oxford College community to enroll in fitness classes and manage their schedules.

Tools used: Coldfusion, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, ReactJS, Vagrant, MySQL/MariaDB, Webpack

Web Developer, Senior

University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ6/2012 - 8/2016 (4 years, 1 month)

  • Providing web support and development to Student Affairs departments such as UA Online, Advising Resource Center, VETs, and the Student Union.
  • Development and maintenance of Student Elections application, with an average of 4000 students per election using AngularJS and PHP.
  • Migration of older projects into source control, and maintenance of legacy projects to find glaring security vulnerabilities
  • Taking a more visible role in dealing with client needs by directly answering questions and miscellaneous project tasks
  • Server administration of several Linux machines responsible for hosting applications for students
  • Migrated Degree Search from outdated Drupal installation to custom php solution
  • Developed custom Drupal 7 module for for use with UITS SOAP Feed to import XML data to Drupal nodes
  • Helped create multiple versions of email based templates for mass email distribution
  • Created Union Application Administration panel for Student Union Hiring App using php and bootstrap CSS

Tools used: PHP, Javascript, AngularJS, HTML, CSS, Nginx/Apache, Linux, AWS, Vagrant, MySQL/MariaDB, Webpack

Technical Analyst

Clayton State University, Morrow, GA9/2010 - 5/2012 (1 year, 7 months)

  • Software/Hardware Installation
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Supporting Faculty/Staff/Student computers
  • Providing Campus support and helping around campus such as offices and classrooms
  • Replacing parts on computers such as the Monitor, Memory, or Hard Drives
  • Filling out tickets to keep a detailed history of every client.
  • Ensuring quality customer service
  • Maintaining Inventory of Faculty machines, Imaging computers.
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