Force regeneration on jekyll watch

August 15, 2014

I noticed that after migrating dev work to my new Vagrant vm, jekyll doesn’t seem to want to regenerate posts whenever I make a change and try to preview it. The simple change I found from a stackoverflow post is instead of calling just jeykll build —watch, use jekyll build —watch —force_polling.

I replace the this line in the rakefile:

jekyllPid = Process.spawn({"OCTOPRESS_ENV"=>"preview"}, "jekyll build --watch")


jekyllPid = Process.spawn({"OCTOPRESS_ENV"=>"preview"}, "jekyll build --watch --force_polling")

Both generate rake watch and rake preview use this line, so make sure to replace both. This seems to have solved my issue with rake preview/watch. The question also has an answer suggesting that vagrant uses a special driver for the file syncing between guest and host machines, making the regeneration not work properly, so that’s something to keep in mind.

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