Application Analyst/Developer, Senior

  • Developed ReactJS application for reserving rooms at Oxford College for use with iPad
  • Developed application for Organic farm to manage customers and seasons which is used by 60 customers.
  • Providing technical support for Faculty, Staff and the Students of Oxford College by providing troubleshooting and performance/security analysis for applications and websites
  • Consulting with Oxford IT Management and Oxford Staff to development applications for on-campus use
  • Created application for Organic Farm for managing student sign ups for work used by over 20 students in this semester.
  • Migrated third party payments system Firstdata, used for our financial applications, to Payeezy for continued support in our applications.
  • Developed group fitness application for Oxford College community to enroll in fitness classes and manage their schedules.

Tools used: Coldfusion, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, ReactJS, Vagrant, MySQL/MariaDB, Webpack

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